January 8th 2016 Deadline

dc2rva-logoThe High Speed Rail project has an on-line meeting that closes January 8th  2016. Please be sure to get your comments in before that date.


10 thoughts on “January 8th 2016 Deadline

    1. Who decided that this “fast train” should come through Ashland VA? Why not Glen Allen or Midlothian? More people would use the high speed in Glen Allen or Midlothian. Ashland will become just another little town lost within a few people’s want (not need). I can see the town’s people paying dearly to have a wasted high speed train coming through this wonderful little town. Please, explain why the Town of Ashland?


  1. Jo:
    I don’t know if they have considered the other towns that you mention. I presume that they chose to expand the existing tracks because it would be much more costly to build brand new tracks.

    As I mentioned in another post it would make sense to use the existing Buckingham Branch line to the east of Ashland. But this option has been has been rejected. One reason may be to do with ‘cultural impact’, another may be cost (two bridges over I-95 and Hwy 1). A report to do with this decision has been published. I have twice requested to receive a copy of that report but have not seen it yet.



  2. What are the cultural impacts that caused the Buckingham Branch option to be rejected? It seems to me that the safety, cultural and economic impacts to Ashland would be devastating to the town, and that Ashland as we know it would cease to exist if the route through town is selected. How can one request the report?


    1. Mike:

      I do not know what the cultural issues are regarding the Buckingham Branch line. To my knowledge the only published documents that talk about that alternative is, http://www.dc2rvarail.com/files/9914/3171/2063/DC2RVA_scoping_summary_report_v6.0_051515_final.pdf.

      I searched it on the word ‘Buckingham’ and found the following comments.

      • Stated that the Buckingham Branch Railroad between Richmond and Doswell should be eliminated from consideration, as it was previously evaluated by DRPT and determined not to be a costeffective
      • I favor routing high speed trains through Ashland and Staples Mill Station rather than along the Buckingham Branch.
      • High speed trains should bypass Ashland on the Buckingham Branch, but VRE service should be extended to Ashland, and freight traffic service should continue to travel through Ashland. (I think that that may be my comment.)



    2. Mr. Martin, I have the same questions. So many questions are being asked and very few have been answered. Ashland will be “no more”. I read where “buildings” will not be removed……….but from what I have read, I don’t believe it. I wish more of the town’s people would get involved in this (maybe they have and we haven’t heard). I was told (grapevine) that most do not want this high speed train coming through our town…….but there is nothing that can be done to stop it since it has been decided the high speed will come through our town.


      1. Jo:
        I don’t think that any decisions have been made yet. Yes, we need to have more people involved — which is why I am stressing the importance of commenting before January 8th.

        I learned a little bit more about the Buckingham Branch option. Evidently a draft report has been prepared but it is not yet in the public domain. A publication date has not been announced.

        Ian Sutton


      2. Your’e welcome. I think that more and more people are getting involved. And whatever happens we can be sure that it will happen slowly.

        Also we need to bear in mind that the engineers on this project are obliged to consider all options — even if they know that some of those options will never happen. They have to check all the boxes. I have spent much of my career working for large engineering companies — it feels strange to be on the other side of the fence.


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