This forum discusses the impact of the proposed D.C. to Richmond “Southeast High Speed Rail” project on the Town of Ashland. Please feel free to add your thoughts, comments and opinions.

To learn more about the proposed project please visit the dc2rvarail site.

A summary of the posts to date is provided in the Table below.

They are listed by topic.




“High Speed Rail”

Project Management


Public Communication



One thought on “Welcome

  1. For those who are not familiar with the blogging process here are a few guidelines.

    • The blog serves as a forum where we can enter information and opinions to do with the proposed high speed rail through Ashland. It avoids the need for long and messy email strings.
    • The host organization is wordpress.com which is, I am told, the largest blogging platform in the world. So we are dealing with a reliable and reputable back office.
    • If you have not used WordPress before you will need to set up an account. They ask for information about yourself, including your email address. None of this information is published.
    • If you do not wish to share your real name create a pseudonym. You will see that mine is ‘suttonbooks’ although, on this particular blog, I am using my real name as well.
    • Add your comments by writing your text in the the ‘Leave a Reply’ box to one of the existing posts.
    • This is a free forum so you may see an advertisement. I have no control over this.
    • Remember that anything you write is published to the world.

    If you need additional information give me a call or send me an email or text.

    Ian Sutton


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