High Speed Rail Meeting

Town-Council-1Representatives from the High Speed Rail team will be visiting us on February 4th 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the Ashland Town Hall.


3 thoughts on “High Speed Rail Meeting

  1. Here is further information from their web site (http://www.vhsr.com/system/files/SEHSR+Phase+1+Handout.pdf)

    Their goals for our region are:

    • A 90 minute travel time between Washington and Richmond.
    • A 75 mph average travel speed
    • A 90 percent on-time performance level

    What do we have now? Looking at tomorrow’s trains from Staples Mill to D.C. I find:

    • A 135 minute travel time
    • A 48 mph speed

    I don’t know the current reliability. But I take the train quite frequently and see them all the time from my study. I will guess at something like 75% right now, maybe better.

    Ian Sutton


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