Physical Conditions

The following is a guest post from Bob Brown.


Ashland, VAThe proposed new rail line does not physically fit within the boundaries of Center St. and Railroad Ave:




  • It must be assumed that the new third rail must be on the east side of the existing tracks: if it were on the west side, the Train Station must be removed.
  • A high speed rail line on the east side of the existing tracks should make it impossible to get on or off a stopped Amtrak train on the existing east side track.
  • With the new third rail on the east side, both the travel lane and parking lane must be removed along the full length of both Center St. and Railroad Ave. Thus, the College will have no “front” entrance, and its on-street parking would eliminated, there will be no access to all the shops (Cross Bros. et al) on that side of Railroad Ave., and almost all of the homes facing Center St. will also have no access.

When these three major conditions are implemented, the Train Station will probably no longer work as an Amtrak stop, Railroad Ave. will no longer function as our Downtown, the College will have to re-think its campus planning, and it will no longer be possible to live on virtually all of Center St.

Ashland as we know it will no longer physically exist.

Bob Brown; Jan. 2016



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