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train-crossing-1A Facebook page “No High Speed Railway” has been created. Most of the participants are residents to the west of the town of Ashland. The page is locked, which means that you have to join in order to view the posts.

UPDATE: This is the link, but it is not open to the public – you have to join.


One thought on “Facebook Page

  1. Please be aware (and I am speaking for Mike Valentine) that the “No High Speed Rail” Facebook page was formed as an informational forum for everyone. It is obvious that we all feel ambushed, if not assaulted by this revelation. The hope is that those in the Ashland Community would form a united front. This would be to let the Virginia Dept. of Rail & Public Transportation and our legislators know that they are dealing with a force that does not want the proposed high speed rail to negatively affect the quality of life in our community in any way and that an alternative to the disruption of Center Street and the defiling of our farms, homes, and churches to the West of town needs to be accomplished.


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