Request for Detailed Information


On February 10th of this year I sent a letter to the project team asking for more information to do with the decisions that were made regarding the Stage I options. The reply was not sufficiently detailed so I submitted the following to the dc2rvarail Comment page today.


Please provide me with a copy of the reports, analyses, correspondence and presentations that were made prior to the Stage 1 decision as described in your slidepack ‘Ashland Alternatives’ presented at the meeting at Ashland Town Hall on February 5th of this year ( In particular I would like to be informed as to the decision processes that led to the exclusion of the Buckingham Branch/eastern line and the I-95 corridor options.

On February 10th 2016 I mailed a letter to Ms. Stock outlining this request in detail. In my judgment I did not receive a sufficiently detailed response. I cannot find a way to attach documents to this form submittal so I am providing a link to that letter:

Click to access dc2rva-stage-1-letter.pdf

Thank you for your help.

Ian Sutton


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