One thought on “Town Council Meeting: March 1st

  1. I presented a statement regarding the proposed Task Force at the March 1st meeting. Below is the transcript of the presentation.

    Mr. Mayor, Members of Council:

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you.

    On January 19th I spoke to Council about my concerns to do with the proposed High Speed Rail project, specifically the community’s objections to a third track down Center Street. Since that time there has been considerable citizen activity, including the following:

    • Op-Ed articles and letters to the Herald-Progress.
    • A front page color article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
    • Participation in Congressman’s Dave Brat’s town hall meeting, which was attended by more than 200 members of the public.
    • Various informal meetings.
    • Information in the Main Street Association newsletter.
    • Frequent posts at the blog

    We urge you, as our elected officials, to take a strong stand regarding this issue.

    So that we can support you it has been proposed that we set up a Task Force. The Task Force would be led by one or more members of Council. They would be supported by citizens who would provide advice in areas such as project management, communications and risk analysis. Legal matters would be handled by the town attorney. The goal of the Task Force would be to provide information and guidance to Council to help defeat the proposed third track through Ashland.


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