White Paper: Attachment A

Ashland High Speed Rail White Paper

I have been asked to provide copies of the White Paper, The Ashland Third Main-Line: Unsafe, Destructive, Costly. This is a large, unfinished document that requires a lot of research. Therefore we are releasing it in sections. The first release includes:

Feel free to download these documents. However I do request that you give us your feedback. Consider issues such as:

  • Is the message clear?
  • Is the document too long/too short?
  • Is it too technical or not technical enough?

Discussions to do with Highly Hazardous Chemicals can lead to anxiety, even alarm. It is not the intent of this White Paper to create concerns of this type — after all, there has been only one major derailment in our area and that occurred in 1969 and did not involve hazardous chemicals and no one was injured.

The following “Disclaimer” at the start of Attachment A makes the same point.

Attachment A to the Ashland Rail White Paper


2 thoughts on “White Paper: Attachment A

  1. The issue boils down to:

    1. The current situation with regard to the transportation of Highly Hazardous Chemicals through town is unsafe.
    2. We have lived with it since the year 1903 under “grandfather clauses”.
    3. By initiating this project DRPT has, as the English would say “started many hares”. We have jumped from 1903 to 2016. The grandfather clauses have evaporated.
    4. We can now say that running tank cars of Highly Hazardous Chemicals through town is totally unsafe. Period. Full stop.


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