CSX: Rocky Mountain Hub


Proposed Rocky Mountain Hub
Rocky Mountain Hub

Here’s another link to do with expanded CSX freight traffic. Along with other projects such as the Virginia Avenue tunnel it is clear that CSX plans for increased traffic along the eastern corridor from both the both north and south.

The link does note that some landowners were successful in not having the cargo hub not built on their property. However, as shown in this video, there are limits to the power and influence of local government. Final decisions are made by CSX and at the state level.

And another link to do with the Rocky Mountain Hub contains the following quotation,

Railroad behemoth CSX has said said it would make Rocky Mount an East Coast hub for shipping and receiving cargo containers. The company will build the Carolina Connector, an “intermodal terminal”. The terminal will draw and reroute containers from East Coast trains and trucks and from North Carolina’s ports in Morehead City and Wilmington.

It is difficult for an ordinary citizen to figure out what is going on. But the pieces are falling into place — there is going to be more freight traffic to the north of us and more to the south of us. And it all comes through Ashland. As I note in my recent White Paper, it will do the citizens of Ashland little good just to protest what is going on locally. Strategic thinking is required.

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