Message from Mayor Foley

Jim Foley Mayor Ashland VA

The following is a message from Mayor Foley regarding the upcoming visit by DRPT and CTB to our town on November 1st.


Dear Citizens,

I want to update everyone on the latest information about the CTB visit this Tuesday.  I also would like to give some guidance regarding how you can assist the town and county during the visit.

The CTB and some members of the DRTP will arrive at the Ashland Theater by 11:00 am on Tuesday.  The group will give a presentation, followed by 5 minutes of commentary from myself, President Lindgren and someone from Hanover County.

This is a “fact finding” visit.  No public comments will be allowed although you are allowed to watch the proceedings inside the theater.

The group will have a working lunch at the theater and will then take a short tour of the town starting at approximately 12:45pm. We believe that the tour will start from the theater and cover Center Street between Lee Street and College Avenue.

After the walking tour (12:45-1:45pm), the group will do a slow driving tour of the town.  Although we are not sure of the order, I do know that they plan to drive by Randolph-Macon College and Berkleytown.  They are also planning to drive down south Center Street to view a potential new train station location south of Ashcake Road.

Afterwards, the group will head to the county to view all of the potential intersections that a bypass would possibly cross.

How can you help?

1) Stay positive.  These are the folks that will make the decision on the Third Rail option. Technically they make a recommendation to the Federal government (FRA) and that recommendation is very likely to be accepted.

2) It is your right to hold up signs like “No Third Rail,” but please be calm and courteous.

3) We want to show the CTB and DRTP that we are always conscious of track safety.  Please use designated cross walks and piers to cross the tracks.

4) If you are available on Tuesday before and/or after the meeting please spend time outside.  Walk your dogs and babies.  Sit outside on your front porch.  Have lunch or coffee outside at one of our fine establishments near the intersection of England Street and Center Street.  We want to show the CTB and DRTP that we are a vibrant little town.

5) Tidy up your yards, especially if you live on or near the walking tour route or the driving tour route.

As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have on this important topic.

Best Regards,

Mayor Foley


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