4 thoughts on “Board of Supervisors Meeting

  1. I hope I’m wrong about this but I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the Buckingham Branch. I have been doing some reading about the history of the branch and it seems to me both the family who manages it and CSX depend on it to move freight. CSX in particular does not want their tracks to be used for passenger service as it is not profitable for them. In addition unless the tracks could be straightened out it seems impossible to run a passenger train at 90 mph on this route. Again, I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling CSX has already likely objected strongly and that’s why it was abandoned as an option early on.


  2. to be honest you could build a railroad in a sparsely populated area or have a railroad go through the very heavily populated ashcake area that has homes worth more than the sections of rural ashland. This would cost the county in property tax revenue and you think the folks in ashland are vocal? Just wait. It will be going west of ashland. If not now, it will be very soon.


  3. Some back story on the Buckigham Branch:


    Below links to is rail advocacy group that appears to have some affiliation with Virginians for High Speed Rail. The owner of the Buckingham Branch is a fellow on the board.


    This group wrote some opinions and observations after the DRTP Tier II study. It appears to me that they recommend Ashland proper as the best alternative for the HSR track. The Ashland discussion begins at the bottom of page 3. Also see page 7 for CSX roles and concerns.

    Click to access VRPI-DC2RVA%20Tier2%20Issues%20and%20Next%20Steps%209-11-15.pdf


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