Ashland’s magic mile, a postcard-like gift of lights for railroad travelers

Ashland VA Light up the Tracks

On December 9th the Channel 6 TV channel (CBS) presented a documentary about Ashland’s ‘Light up the Tracks’ tradition. You can see it here. The reporter ― Mark Holmberg ― not only toured the town, he took the train from Ashland to Richmond and made a video of what he saw.

He also interviewed passengers on the train.

Ashland VA Light up the Tracks

. . . it’s like suddenly riding into a landscape of happy lights after many miles of darkness.

“It was really pretty,” Amtrak passenger Danene Taylor told me after we had rolled through. “Some of the houses had individual candles in every window and the rest of them had Christmas lights. Very refreshing.”

Join us on a video tour of this magic mile as we ride Amtrak 83 through the “center of the universe. . .

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