Double Stackers

CSX double stacker containers Ashland VA

UPDATE (December 29th)

The attached article is from the journal Railway Track and Structures. They are saying that, once some improvements have been made to the tracks in the Baltimore area, the freight companies will be able to run double-stacked trains the length of the eastern corridor.


Yesterday CSX published a YouTube video showing freshly polished locomotives hauling double stacked cars through the first of the new Virginia Avenue tunnels. So, Ashlanders can expect many of these double stackers to be coming through town in the near future since they have been cleared for use on the RF&P tracks.

In an earlier post today I pointed out that the current situation regarding trains through Ashland is unsafe, and any expansion would make us even less safe. I had been focusing on chemical tank cars only ― but now we have to think through the safety implications of having these double-stacked trains passing through town just a few feet from our homes and businesses.


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