Ashland/Hanover Options

Ashland and Hanover Country Virginia

In order to reach a recommendation for the Ashland/Hanover part of the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) the DRPT will be holding a series of meetings starting in May, and continuing for three to six months. A summary of this initiative is provided in this email attachment distributed by Mayor Foley. A Community Advisory Group will be created. It will included the following members (plus others not listed here).

  • Town councilor (Mayor Foley), staff member (Manager Farrar) and one Ashland citizen.
  • Representatives from western and eastern Hanover.
  • Three representatives from Randolph-Macon college.

Some of the meetings will include public input.

4 thoughts on “Ashland/Hanover Options

  1. Ian…would you consider being Center St rep? We (the Booths) nominate you. We own 2 houses on Center st . You are so informed . Please?


    1. I don’t mind either way — if I can help I will, but if someone else is a better fit, that’s also fine.

      If you do want to nominate anyone I suggest that you contact one or more of the following:

      • Jim Foley
      • Kathy Abbot
      • Kristin Reihl


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