Draft EIS. Comment #2: Structural Integrity

Draft EIS DRPT – Trench deficiencies

The DRPT (Department of Rail and Public Transport) has released their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The public comment period ends November 7th 2017. I intend to submit a series of comments — of which this is the second.

Please take the time and trouble to submit your comments. Remember the DRPT will not respond to comments made in any other forum, including social media sites and blogs.

Here is the address: http://dc2rvarail.com/contact-us/

As best I can tell the comment software does not allow for embedded hyperlinks. Therefore I suggest that you spell out internet addresses, as shown below. Also, the comment software does not appear to allow for file or picture attachments.

Comment #2: Structural Integrity

Approximately a year and a half ago — long before the idea of a trench was considered — the DRPT conducted a survey to do with the structural integrity of the buildings on Center St. and Railroad Ave.

Some of the older homes on the tracks already experience vibration as the trains go by. If the trench option were to be selected the vibration would be much worse, particularly during the construction phase. It may not be hyperbole to say that some of the homes would be damaged to the point where they need to be condemned. Even the newer homes are built only to normal codes — they are not seismically qualified.

Please submit updated reports that show just what the impact that the trench project would have on the structural integrity of the buildings adjacent to the tracks.

Thank you.

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