Draft EIS. Comment #4: Trench Cave In

Draft EIS DRPT – Trench deficiencies


The DRPT (Department of Rail and Public Transport) has released their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The public comment period ends November 7th 2017. I intend to submit a series of comments — of which this is the third.

Please take the time and trouble to submit your comments. Remember the DRPT will not respond to comments made in any other forum, including social media sites and blogs.

Here is the address: http://dc2rvarail.com/contact-us/

As best I can tell the comment software does not allow for embedded hyperlinks. Therefore I suggest that you spell out internet addresses, as shown below. Also, the comment software does not appear to allow for file or picture attachments.

Comment #4: Trench Cave In

One of the most serious risks to do with the digging of trenches is cave in. This is a particular concern with regard to the proposed trench through Ashland for the following reasons.

  • There is very little “elbow room” to the side of the trench walls. This will make it very difficult to ensure that the walls are properly shored up.
  • Based on what we heard at the recent Ashland Town Council meeting it is our understanding that they are considering a temporary wall running longitudinally along the trench. One side will be filled with dirt on top of which will be full size freight trains. Workers will be on the other side. Has this ever been done before? Can the DRPT ensure the safety of the workers?
  • Were there to be a cave in it would most likely take buildings and people with it, as shown in the picture below.

Cave In San Gabriel

Please demonstrate that the trench option can be carried out safely — considering both workers and people in the neighborhood.


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