Welcome to ashlandrail.com — a blog site that features news and information to do with the trains that transit Ashland, Virginia. The site was created December 24th 2015 and how has over 100 posts and many followers. One Year On was published on the first anniversary of the site. It summarizes the posts published during the year 2016.

Most of the posts have been to do with the proposal to create a third track through Ashland as a part of the “High Speed Rail” project. They focus on (a) engineering codes and standards, and (b) risk assessment, particularly to do with the tank cars containing highly hazardous chemicals that transit the town. 

The site also promotes and discusses events such as Train Day and activities such as the painting of the mural.

Hyperloop Train I-95 corridor
Hyperloop train running along the I-95 corridor

While researching the third track project it became increasingly clear that there is, in fact, a true High Speed Rail option — one that would not involve destroying communities or covering agricultural land. That option is usually referred to as Hyperloop; it would allow for “trains” to move at airplane speeds.  Although this technology is new it is not science fiction. Expect to see further posts on this topic.